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Summer Camp – Q & A

Gymnastics Plus! Summer Camp Information

Frequent Questions and Answers

Updated: 5-20-13

  • Where do I drop-off and pick-up my child?
    • A Parent must sign their child in & out of camp each day.  Morning drop off & sign in is in the front office, Car Line Dismissal (3:00-3:15) will be at the rear of the parking lot under the pavilion.  Please sign up for Car Line in the morning if you know you will not be utilizing extended care.  A valid ID will be required for pick-up if the GP car sign is not presented.  Any child not picked up from car line will be placed in extended care.   For those picking up children utilizing extended care, pickup will be at the rear door by the pavilion. You must come inside to pickup your child after 4p.m., and must present the car sign or valid I.D.
  • When are camp payments/balances due?
    • The first week’s camp tuition is due upon registration, as well as a $20 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit for each additional week you want to reserve. We prefer for camp payments to be paid in monthly installments two weeks before the month begins. (Pay all of June by May 15th, pay all of July by June 15th).  Balances must be paid at least two weeks in advance.  If the balances are NOT paid two MONDAYS prior to that week’s start date, your credit card will be charged for the week plus a $3.00 service charge.  Charges will still be due if a written cancellation notice is not provided at least two weeks in advance.   Bills will not be sent home for balances due.
  • What if my child is unable to attend his/her scheduled week?
    • All deposits are Non-Refundable.  Cancellation notice must be received in writing 2 Monday’s prior to the week of camp not needed, to avoid paying the balance.  Fees will be due if notice is given after this time even if your child is sick & cannot attend.   Please give us advance notice to avoid incurring charges for a week your child will not be attending.
  • When are Extended Care fees charged?

    • Charges are accrued if your child uses Extended care from (7:00am – 8:45am) or from (3:15pm – 6:00pm).  Preferred Payment is 2 weeks prior to the week your child uses extended care.  If you know that you will be using this service, please pay in advance.  If unexpected extended care is needed, please pay on the day of service.  If payment is not made on the first day of use, your credit card will be charged the weekly fee of $35 plus a $3.00 service charge.
    • If you are late picking up your child (after 6pm), you will be charged $1 per minute.
  • What should my child bring to camp?
    • All children are required to wear a Gymnastics Plus! Camp T-shirt, any shorts, and tennis shoes.
    • For pool time, a bathing suit, sunscreen and towel must be sent. Inflated Floaties are required for weak swimmers.  We prefer for children who do not know how to swim to not bring a bathing suit even though we have a baby pool.
    • SUNSCREEN MUST BE BROUGHT IN and WORN BY ALL CAMPERS.  If a camper does not bring sunscreen, pool time will NOT be allowed.  Please put your child’s name on the sunscreen.
    • Snacks/Lunch – Please send a lunch in an insulated lunch kit with icepack if necessary.  Refrigerator storage is not available.    A light mid-morning snack will be provided.  You may send additional snacks and/or you can purchase a snack card in $5 and $10 increments (drinks: $0.75/$1; snacks: $0.75/$1).  Lunch (1 hot dog, drink, & snack) can also be purchased for $5.00 when you sign in for camp. Notices will be sent home with information about our special lunch days such as Pizza Day, Burger Day or Snowball days.
    • Please put camper’s name on ALL items brought to camp.  Please use a permanent marker.
  • What if my child loses something at camp?
    • Please leave your child’s favorite items at home because things do get lost.  All items should be kept in each child’s cubby.  The staff is not responsible for the campers’ lost or damaged personal items. All found items will be placed on the LOST & FOUND table (located in the back of the gym) at the end of each camp day. Undergarments & socks are disposed of daily. Please check this area frequently.
    • Please put his/her name on the shirt and any other items brought to camp.
  • Who can pickup my child?
    • Your child will NOT be allowed to leave Gym Plus with anyone that is NOT listed on your registration form.  ALL PEOPLE PICKING UP MUST PRESENT A PICTURE ID!
  • What if my child is sick?
    • Any child displaying any contagious symptoms CANNOT be brought to camp.  This would include, but is not limited to:  Fever, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Rashes, Sore throat/Cough, Colds, Pink Eye, Head Lice (We have a No Nits policy- you must  have a doctors notice stating there are no nits in order to return to camp).
    • If your child becomes ill while attending camp, a parent/guardian will be notified to pick up the child.
    • Children must be free of fever, vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to camp.
    • Weekly camp tuition cannot be refunded or transferred to another week due to illness.
  • What if my child needs medication?
    • If your child needs to have any kind of medication at camp, you will have to make arrangements for someone to administer their medication to them.  Under NO circumstances, will any GP staff member be allowed to distribute medications.  If your child is taking medicine to control ADD/ADHD, we will distribute their medicine only if you call the gym at the time they should receive their medicine.  Medicine must be placed in a container /ziplock bag with your child’s name and the time they should receive their medication and given to the person working in the office.
  • What if my child has a behavior problem at camp?
    • The rules and regulations that are implemented in our camp program are not there as a punishment but to ensure that your child and other children have a SAFE and fun GP camp experience.  We believe in the “Three Strikes” policy – Strike 1:  Verbal Warning; Strike 2: Time Out; Strike 3: Office.  A parent will be called if a child is unresponsive to our disciplinary process.  If a child’s behavior is unacceptable or harmful in any way to other campers or staff, a parent/guardian will be called IMMEDIATELY and will be asked to pick up your child.  Use of profanities or conversations involving inappropriate subject matter will not be tolerated. Camp tuition will NOT be refunded due to removal of a child from camp for behavioral problems.  It is imperative that we know if your child has a known behavioral condition, treated or untreated.  Since our camp is a high-energy setting, it may not be conducive to those who are unable to focus or get over-stimulated easily. We will send behavior and incident reports home when we think it is needed.
  • Is my child allowed to bring toys/electronics to camp?
    • No toys or electronics are allowed during regular camp hours (9:00am – 3:00pm).
    • We prefer for electronics to be left at home.  Campers may enjoy their electronics during extended care.  Any other time the device will be confiscated and placed in the front office.  This includes gameboys, PSP, MP3, Ipods, headsets, cell phones, etc.  Please talk to your children about no game sharing and taking responsibility for their items if they bring them to camp.  We are not responsible for these items if they are lost or stolen.
    • Cell phones will not be allowed during camp.  If your child needs to get in touch with you at any time during camp, they will be allowed to call you from the office phone.  Videography is not allowed during camp.
  • Is my child allowed to bring a cell phone?
    • Yes, your child is allowed to bring their cell phone, but they MUST keep it in the office during the day.

Gymnastics Plus! Safety & Camp Rules

1. No eating, drinking or gum allowed in the gym area.

2.  Only camp children are allowed in the gym.  Parents and friends must remain in the waiting area.

3. A Gymnastics Plus! Camp T-shirt must be worn everyday.  Girls should have their hair tied back, and no jewelry should be worn.

4. All camper belongings should be labeled and kept in a bag in their assigned cubby.  It is the campers’ responsibility to keep their belongings in their bags, however, we will remind them daily to do so.  Please remember that is impossible for us to know what each camper brings to the gym, making it difficult for us to know if they are putting all belongings away.   A lost and found table will be located in the back of the gym by the back bathrooms.

5. Children may not leave their group without permission.  No wandering allowed.  No children are ever allowed out of the front door without a teacher or parent.

6. Only one person in a bathroom at a time.

7. Children are not allowed on the equipment without an instructor.  This includes all of the events, even tumbling. One person at a time on the bars, trampolines, the tumble track and rope.  Campers are not allowed on the high bars or beams, and NO FLIPS ALLOWED anywhere in the gym!

8. There is absolutely NO HORSEPLAY in the gym.  No hitting, kicking, pushing or name calling allowed.

9. Always stretch before working out.

10. Never touch equipment when the instructor is adjusting it.

11. All children must enter the foam pit FEET FIRST ONLY!  Absolutely NO DIVING head first into the pit!  When performing skills into the pit, only one person should enter the pit at a time.  This includes entering the pit from the tumble track, the bar over the pit, swinging from the rope, tumbling into the pit and other similar activities.

12. All parents must sign campers out at the rear door by the pavilion using proper identification.


2015-2016 School Year schedule is now available!

The 2015 summer session is May 25th - August 8th.

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The School Year session is August 19th - May 7th. Come by or call us (985-643-0914) to see which classes are still available for your child.

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