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Safety Rules

At GP, our motto is….“Safety…First, Last  and Always!”

  1. No food, drinks, or gum chewing allowed in the gym.
  2. All persons participating in GP classes, whether student or instructor, are expected to behave in a respectful, friendly and supportive manner   at all times. At no time will the use of foul or inappropriate words or threatening body language be acceptable.
  3. Only gymnasts are allowed in the gym. Guests and family members must remain in the waiting area!  The upstairs gym is for classes ONLY.  This is NOT a play area while you wait for gymnasts.
  4. Girls should have their hair tied back in a pony-tail.
  5. Proper attire should be worn. Girls should wear leotards or shorts and a t-shirt and boys should wear shorts and a t-shirt. Sweat shirts, warm-ups and jogging suits are not permitted.
  6. No one is allowed on the equipment without an instructor supervising them. This includes all events, even tumbling.
  7. Horse-play, rough-housing and any manner of rough playing is not allowed in the gym.
  8. Always stretch properly before beginning any gymnastics activity.
  9. Never touch any equipment while a coach or other gymnast is adjusting it.
  10. When changing events, please be aware of the other gymnasts working out. Stay clear of the area where they are working.
  11. Only one person is allowed in the pit at a time. Diving into the pit is strictly prohibited. Gymnasts should enter the pit feet first only.


2015-2016 School Year schedule is now available!

The 2015 summer session is May 25th - August 8th.

NEW: Check out our new Parent Portal where you can view class schedules, register online, and submit tuition payments. Click here to access the Gymnastics Plus! parent portal.

The School Year session is August 19th - May 7th. Come by or call us (985-643-0914) to see which classes are still available for your child.

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