Where every child is a STAR!

Teaching Principles

  • Unconditional respect: We offer and insist upon unconditional respect between teacher and student. Humiliating, embarrassing, demeaning or hurtful behavior is not acceptable, and will not be tolerated in any direction between teachers, students and peers.
  • Keep the children safe: This is done through vigilance, awareness and safe training methods. If a child repeatedly partakes in unsafe behavior, a time-out may be implemented or a child may be removed from class after verbal warnings have been given.
  • Clearly communicate expectations: Tell the children what you expect of them.
  • Catch the children doing things right: Focus on things gone right rather than things gone wrong.
  • Discipline with natural consequences: The natural and unpleasant consequences of poor decisions form the basis of our discipline.  However, if a child is hurting others or may get injured and has had repeated verbal warnings, a time-out may be implemented for the safety of your child as well as others.  Our instructors will notify you if it is a situation they feel needs to be addressed again.
  • Enthusiasm: It shows you care and inspires others to care.
  • We offer daily challenges: Going past perceived limitations is the only way to stretch and grow.
  • We offer daily successes: A sense of accomplishment is one of the most powerful motivators to try again when the going gets tough.
  • Balance of Perpetual motion and paying attention: Children learn by doing, not by sitting or standing in line day dreaming.  They also learn through exercising the discipline of paying attention, by both listening to the instructor and observing the instructor as well as classmates.  We focus on balancing these principles with a heavier weight given towards constant movement,  with a minimum of physical down time.
  • Creativity, variety, fun: Children learn best when there is an element of fun built into the training environment.


2015-2016 School Year schedule is now available!

The 2015 summer session is May 25th - August 8th.

NEW: Check out our new Parent Portal where you can view class schedules, register online, and submit tuition payments. Click here to access the Gymnastics Plus! parent portal.

The School Year session is August 19th - May 7th. Come by or call us (985-643-0914) to see which classes are still available for your child.

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